IT595 Week 10

Topic: What do instructional technology professionals say about the field?

  • Interview a Professional Reports--Read other participant reports

The goal of this week is for all participants learn about professions in instructional/educational technology by sharing experiences from what each participant learned from the interview assignment.


  • Upload the interview report by 11/01 at 11:59pm using the Assignment feature in Blackboard.

Asynchronous Activities on your own with some Blackboard Reporting Due Prior to 11/1

Due: Your post is due 10/29 at 7pm and your comments to other participants are due 10/31 at 7pm.
  1. Read draft interviews on Week 9 Interview a Professional Draft Sharing Discussion Board
    Read your peers' Interview a Professional Draft. You will work in Peer Rotation B. First read the interview report drafts of peers in your rotation and be prepared to provide comments. Then read at least 2 more drafts from peers of your choice not in your rotation and be prepared to comment.

  2. Provide Comments to your peer Interview a Professional Drafts
    After reading your peers' drafts, provide comments that will help them continue working on their draft. Please avoid limiting your comments to encouraging ones such as "this is very well written" and "great job!" While I want you to be supportive of each other and encourage each other to successfully complete the assignment, it is important that each of you gain practice in providing constructive comments, and if you are the author of the draft you practice becoming able to respond to comments appropriately in a manner that ultimately helps you. Providing these comments can be as difficult as writing your own paper. Sometimes these comments can be in the form of questions, so even if you think you do not have a clear idea on how to comment on your peers' work that is ok. Once you finish school and become a professional you will find out that it is honestly difficult to obtain feedback that will help you revise any type of work, not just writing. Therefore, it is best if you gain experience sharing feedback now and wrestle with how you can address feedback in your work. Feedback/comment should be always welcomed, but the more reader/user reactions you experience now as a writer/designer it is likely that you will start to gain a perspective as the reader/user of your work and you can anticipate feedback/comments while you are writing/designing artifacts in the future.

  3. Repository of Professional Resources
    As you read your peers' Interview a Professional draft reports identify resources related to the profession that you found in your peers' paper or you were inspired to share to others after reading their reports. In this discussion board create a thread and share links, books, events, and any other resources you found as a result of reading your peers' interview report drafts. It is my hope that by the end of the week we can create a master list of resources that can be a valuable repository for all.

Synchronous Activities on 11/1 During Class Hours on Blackboard Collaborate


Lisa is not available for class. There will be an assigned moderator for the collaborate session. There will be 4 breakout rooms for the Usability Testing of a Web Authoring Tool groups to meet. Use your time wisely in your teams and individually for working on course related activities. If you have questions that need to be answered by the instructor post them in the "Hi I need Help!" discussion board.

Last Updated October 25, 2012