IT595 Week 5

Topic: Portfolio Assessment, IT Online Master's Portfolio, Web Hosting, File Structure, and Web Authoring


  • Definition Concept Map and Professional Statement is due 9/20/12 at 11:59pm
  • There are no additional reading for this week even though it was indicated in the syllabus to anticipate for them.
  • Master's students: IT Online Master's Portfolio at: Please note, this is a private site, the instructor will send you an invitation to be able to view the contents.
  • Doctoral students: Start your literature search by first becoming familiar with the UT Library system, if it means you need to make an appointment with a librarian do so.

For Master's students, the goals of this week are for you to become familiar with the IT Online Portfolio with the understanding. The portfolio framework is a work in progress, but this is also an excellent time for you to provide input. Make sure you review the assignment guide for the portfolio prototype for this course, and start planning for it. For doctoral students, the goal for this week are for you to start your literature search for the final assignment. This may require you to visit the UT library to become familiar with the library.


Portfolio Introduction
This access the storyboard to this presentation here.

Due: Your comments and questions to Lisa about the IT Online Portfolio are due 9/17 at 7pm, you can follow the comments and questions made by peers and Lisa's response. There are no peer rotation assignments, if you have extra time use it to complete your assignment for this class.

  1. Send an email to and let Lisa know your username. If you do not currently have a account, please create one to obtain a username. Upon receipt of your username, Lisa will send you a viewer invitation to the IT Online Portfolio WordPress page.
  2. Review all sections of the portfolio requirements including the "Designer Blog Posts." Leave your questions and comments about the portfolio in the appropriate blog for each required section. In the blog with the title "Portfolio Requirements Designer Comments" there is a poll for you to complete to communicate to Lisa your current comfort level in terms of your understanding of what is required for the IT Online Portfolio. You may want to complete the poll closer to 9/20 so that you see the comments and questions that others leave and my responses. For each page you open in the site there is a chance to rate the content, please feel free to rate it.
  3. Additionally, please review the Portfolio Prototype Assignment for this class, if you find that you finished your Definition Concept Map and Professional Statement and you are very comfortable for now in terms of understanding what is expected of you for the IT Online Portfolio, then start working on some of the sections of the Portfolio Prototype such as your Resume and Program of Study.

No Synchronous Activities on 9/20 During Class Hours

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