IT595 Week 7

Topic: Media Evaluation and Usability Testing

  • Rubin, J., & Chisnell, D. (2008). Handbook of Usability Testing: Howto Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests (2nd ed.). Wiley. Ch. 1 & 2
  • Krug, S. (2005). Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition (2nd ed.). New Riders Press. Ch. 10

The goal of this week is for all participants is to become familiar with concepts related to usability testing and become prepared for the Usability Testing of a Web Authoring Tool assignment.


Asynchronous Activities on Blackboard Due Prior to Synchronous Class Meeting on 10/4

Due: Your post is due 10/1 at 7pm and your comments to other participants are due 10/3 at 7pm.
  1. Week 7 Usability Critique--User Diary 2 Entries You have to complete 2 usability critique diary entries as the user. Choose an artifact with some type of electronic component to it from your everyday life. I request that you examine artifacts that are physical objects such as alarm clocks, microwaves, and calculators. If you choose a highly complex artifact for example a car, you can focus on one component of it such as the steering wheal and its functions.

    Your critique as a user should be based on your original thoughts and when appropriate making connections to readings and discussions related to Visual Design Principles and Media Evaluation and Usability Testing. Please write your usability critique in full sentences and provide enough information so your peers can understand the artifact you examined and your critique. At the same time, you can also maintain a casual diary type of writing style as long as the reader can follow your thoughts.

    Your usability critique diaries should consist of the following sections:
    • Description of the artifact—If you prefer to do so, add photos when appropriate
    • Your reactions to the artifact as a user
    • Connections to readings and discussions in class when appropriate
    • References if you cited any
    This is often a fun project for many individuals. You may find out new functions about artifacts that you interact with everyday that you never had even noticed before. Enjoy!

  2. Post comments to your assigned peers--Rotation A
    • Read posts of your assigned peers provide your comments by 10/3 at 7pm. Your assigned peers are posted in Blackboard, follow Rotation A. Note, you are welcomed to provide comments to participants other than your assigned peers.

  3. Review the requirements for the Usability Testing of a Web Authoring Tool
    •  If you have any questions about it post it in the "Hi all I need help!" Discussion Board on Blackboard. No deadline throughout the week.

Synchronous Activities on 10/4 During Class Hours on Blackboard Collaborate

Discussion Material

  1. Logistical check in
  2. Instructor Presentation
  3. Breakout Room Discussions (Activity Description)
  4. Whole Class Discussions
  5. Instructor Presentation



  1. Individual check in with instructor as needed and individual work time for class.

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